Cargo Features

apistos-schemars = { version = "0.8.21", default-features = false, features = ["derive", "preserve_order", "impl_json_schema", "derive_json_schema", "uuid", "arrayvec", "indexmap1", "raw_value", "bigdecimal", "ui_test", "chrono", "indexmap2", "ipnetwork", "either", "uuid1", "smallvec", "arrayvec07", "url", "bytes", "rust_decimal", "bigdecimal04", "enumset", "smol_str", "semver"] }
default = derive

The derive feature is set by default whenever apistos-schemars is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

derive default impl_json_schema? = schemars_derive
preserve_order = indexmap

Use a different representation for the map type of Schemars.
This allows data to be read into a Value and written back to a JSON string while preserving the order of map keys in the input.

Affects apistos-schemars::Map, apistos-schemars::MapEntry

impl_json_schema derive_json_schema? = derive
derive_json_schema = impl_json_schema

derive_json_schema will be removed in a later version

uuid = uuid08

uuid feature contains uuid08 only for back-compat - will be changed to include uuid 1.0 instead in a later version

arrayvec = arrayvec05

arrayvec feature without version suffix is included only for back-compat - will be removed in a later version

indexmap1 = indexmap

Enables raw_value of serde_json


Provide a RawValue type that can hold unprocessed JSON during deserialization.

bigdecimal = bigdecimal03

bigdecimal feature without version suffix is included only for back-compat - will be removed in a later version


Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

schemars_derive derive

Enables apistos-schemars_derive

chrono implicit feature

Enables chrono


Date and time library for Rust

indexmap indexmap1? preserve_order?

Enables indexmap ^1.2

indexmap2 implicit feature

Enables indexmap


A hash table with consistent order and fast iteration

ipnetwork implicit feature

Enables ipnetwork


A library to work with IP CIDRs in Rust

either implicit feature

Enables either


The enum Either with variants Left and Right is a general purpose sum type with two cases

uuid08 uuid?

Enables uuid ^0.8

uuid1 implicit feature

Enables uuid


A library to generate and parse UUIDs

smallvec implicit feature

Enables smallvec


'Small vector' optimization: store up to a small number of items on the stack

arrayvec05 arrayvec?

Enables arrayvec ^0.5

arrayvec07 implicit feature

Enables arrayvec

url implicit feature

Enables url


URL library for Rust, based on the WHATWG URL Standard

bytes implicit feature

Enables bytes


Types and traits for working with bytes

rust_decimal implicit feature
bigdecimal03 bigdecimal?

Enables bigdecimal ^0.3

bigdecimal04 implicit feature

Enables bigdecimal


Arbitrary precision decimal numbers

enumset implicit feature

Enables enumset


A library for creating compact sets of enums

smol_str implicit feature

Enables smol_str ^0.1.17


small-string optimized string type with O(1) clone

semver implicit feature

Enables semver


Parser and evaluator for Cargo's flavor of Semantic Versioning