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A Rust client for api.ai chatbot API.

Still in early development - this library currently works on a a limited golden path when calling api.ai/query.


Add the following to your Cargo.toml:

apiai = 0.1.1

Then import and use the crate in your module:

extern crate apiai;

A simple example call to API.ai might look like this:

let my_token = String::from("ce2f54f8eb444d74af85f89e30ef2fd3");

let client = ApiAIClient{
    access_token: my_token,

let req = ApiRequest{
    query: Option::Some(String::from("Hello!")),

let response = client.query(req).unwrap();

println!("{}", response.result.fulfillment.speech);

For more information see the botcmd example.


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