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Request to Amazon OpenSearch Service with SigV4 🔏

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Request to Amazon OpenSearch Service with SigV4 🔏

 aoss-curl -h
Request to Amazon OpenSearch Service with SigV4 🔏

Usage: aoss-curl [OPTIONS] --code <CODE> --uri <URI> <HOME>

  <HOME>  Home directory containing the AWS hidden folder [env: HOME=/Users/JohnDoe]

  -r, --region <REGION>          Name of the AWS region [default: eu-west-1]
  -p, --profile <PROFILE>        Name of the AWS profile [default: default]
  -s, --suffix <SUFFIX>          Suffix of the original AWS profile [default: noauth]
  -c, --code <CODE>              MFA code
  -d, --duration <DURATION>      Session duration in seconds [default: 3600]
  -i, --identifier <IDENTIFIER>  MFA device identifier (defaults to AWS username) [default: ]
  -m, --method <METHOD>          Method of the HTTP request [default: GET]
  -u, --uri <URI>                URI of the HTTP request
  -b, --body <BODY>              Body of the HTTP request [default: ]
  -h, --help                     Print help
  -V, --version                  Print version


aoss-curl is published on crates.io and can be installed with

cargo install aoss-curl

or via homebrew-tap with

brew install jhandguy/tap/aoss-curl

or downloaded as binary from the releases page.


Warning: aoss-curl requires an MFA code and uses aws-mfa for authenticating to AWS.

Add basic credentials in ~/.aws/credentials:

aws_access_key_id = <aws_access_key_id>
aws_secret_access_key = <aws_secret_access_key>

Note: make sure to add the -noauth suffix to the profile name

Run aoss-curl:

aoss-curl -p <profile_name> -c <mfa_code> -u <opensearch_domain>/_cat/indices

Check output:

200 OK
green ...


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