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Calculate everything and nothing with perfect precision

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Calculate everything and nothing with perfect precision.

Anything provides the any binary, which is a small flexible program intended to do calculations and query for numerical facts.

You can install the any command by using:

cargo install anything

The any command can do a couple of really interesting things:

  • Unit conversions!
    • any 3dl to m^3 gives us 0.0003.
    • any 1000Gbtu to MWh gives us 293055.555555555555… hr⋅MW.
  • Fact queries!
    • any population finland / population world gives us 0.000710822459005.
  • Basic math!
    • any 32500 / round(population finland) gives us 0.00586566578555.
  • Unit-aware calculations!
    • any 3N / 10kg gives us 0.3 m/.
  • And a bit more...

You can think of any is a much smaller and local wolfram engine, without the hassle of having to go online for your answers.


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