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When you just want to use ? in peace

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Any Error: When you just want to use ? in peace

Ever wanted to do like the cool kids and use ? to handle your errors, but Rust keeps bugging you that your error types can't be cast into your return Error type? Me too, so I made this crate, with 3 levels of "Just let me use ? damnit!".


This 0-sized type looses ALL information about the encountered Err: it simply drops the content of the error.
Really, using Result<T, SomeError> is the same as using Option<T>, only you return a Result, which has the cool "unused_must_use" lint.


This error type really just boxes the error into a Box<dyn Any>, and lets you downcast it when you need to recover the error.

If you need something more complex than "Some Error happened", and all your error types implement Any (which most types do), I recommend using this one.


This type lets you keep a bit more information about the error, at least at runtime: it simply formats it with core::fmt::Debug, saves the result of the formatting, and drops the error.

Probably the type I recommend using the least, considering that it's costlier than the others, and still looses a lot of information.

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