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yanked antidot-rs

A background process that will remove any undesired folders from ~

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0.2.1 Dec 8, 2023
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0.1.9 Dec 8, 2023
0.0.2 Dec 8, 2023

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It's simple! Either do ./antidot-rs, or do cargo install antidot-rs and then do antidot-rs!


Step 1: If it doesn't already exist, create the directory /etc/antidot/ with mkdir -p /etc/antidot Step 2: Append the paths to any undesirable directories to /etc/antidot/config

CLI Options

-v, --verbose:

Output to stdout instead of /tmp/antidot.stdout and /tmp/antidot.stderr.

-f, --foreground:

Run in the foreground instead of the background.

Neither -v or -f can be used at the same time.


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