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Encode bytes as ANSI background colors

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0.3.11 Nov 17, 2022
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0.2.9 Nov 13, 2022

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Encode arbitrary byte sequences with ANSI background colors.



You can use the program as a library or as a command line utility.


The library provides a trait ColorCodec<T> that allows arbitrary byte iterators (Iterator<Item = u8>) to encode their bytes as ANSI background color codes. Therefor the trait provides the functions ansi_color_encode() and ansi_color_decode().

Command line utility

You can encode bytes or decode color codes by passing them to ansi-color-codec's STDIN:

$ echo "I use Arch btw" | ansi-color-codec
$ echo "I use Arch btw" | ansi-color-codec | ansi-color-codec -d

For more options, see ansi-color-codec -h.


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