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angsd-io is a collection of Rust crates for reading and writing binary file formats associated with ANGSD.


To use one of the angsd-io in your own project, add the following to the [dependencies] section of your Cargo.toml:

angsd-saf = { git = "https://github.com/malthesr/angsd-io.git" }

Replace angsd-saf with the name of the crate you wish to depend on.

For more information, see here. In particular, you may wish to depend on a specific commit to avoid breakage:

angsd-saf = { git = "https://github.com/malthesr/angsd-io.git", rev = "abc" }

Replace abc with the hash of the commit you wish to depend on.


The documentation can be built and viewed locally by running:

cargo doc --open


Reading and writing of the SAF format.


Read SAF v3 file:

Write SAF v3 file:

Read only intersecting sites in multiple SAF v3 files:

The above examples are also available as runnable binaries, see the repository examples/ folder.


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