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A tasty way to execute build tasks

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Angelcake CI 👼 🍰

A tasty way to execute build tasks. 👼 🍰


ANGELCAKE is a small tool I wrote to make executing build routines easy for me. I've been using CMake for a long time but I wanted a simpler alternative in a syntax I could understand. ANGELCAKE is that alternative. ❤️‍🔥


Make sure that you have the following tools installed and available from the command line:

One you have that done, you can simply run this command from the command line:

$ cargo install --git https://github.com/iamtheblackunicorn/angelcake

To check that the installation succeeded, run this command:

$ angelcake -v


To use ANGELCAKE, you will need to do two steps:

  • 1.) Create a Cakefile with build rules.
  • 2.) Instruct ANGELCAKE which build rules to run.

Create a Cakefile

ANGELCAKE uses the same syntax as Angel Markup. Here's an example:

% This is a comment.
'greet' => 'echo Hello World!'

Save this into a file called Cakefile.

Run the greet routine

Change into the same directory as the Cakefile and run this command:

$ angelcake -r greet
# OR
$ angelcake --runr greet

You should see this output:

Hello World!


  • ANGELCAKE 👼 🍰 by Alexander Abraham a.k.a. The Black Unicorn 🦄 🖤 a.k.a. Angeldust Duke 🦄 🔥 💊.
  • Licensed under the MIT license.


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