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A library to find anagrams of words

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1.0.1 Oct 22, 2022
1.0.0 Jul 26, 2022

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A library to find anagrams of words

Cargo Features

  • no-default-wordlist: Do not include the default wordlist when building the project.

Associated Projects

The anabot project is a CLI front end for anagrambot.

License Note

This project (anagrambot) ships with an in-built list of words (henceforth referred to as 'the wordlist'). The wordlist is used as a default list of words when no external list is used, and is stored in the words.txt file. The wordlist was extracted from the Ubuntu wamerican package and is redistibuted as a component of this project for maximum compatibility. The copyright document associated with the wordlist is included verbatim in the WORDLIST-LICENSE file, and has been appended to the LICENSE file.

This project can function with a different default wordlist. To achieve this, replace the existing words.txt with a new file named words.txt before building the project. Wordlist files should be UTF-8 encoded, contain one word per line, and ideally should have no duplicates.

This project can also function with no default wordlist. To achieve this, build the project with the no-default-wordlist feature.

  • e.g. cargo build --features no-default-wordlist

No runtime deps


  • no-default-wordlist