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Accumulate git-trailers from emails grouped by mail subject

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amt - accumulate mail trailers

amt is a helper for accumulating git trailers from email threads.


It can be used to accumulate git-trailers on a per-patch basis. The suggested workflow is:

  • Save all mails of a mail thread into a new maildir.

  • Run amt /path/to/maildir "<message.id.of.toplevel@mail>"

  • amt outputs each mail subject with all trailers in the following format: '{mail subject, prefix stripped} - {trailer}'. For example:

    Fix Typo - Suggested-by: Heinz Dieter heinz@dieter.mail Fix Typo - Signed-off-by: Main Tainer main@tainer.bdfl Implement feature - Reviewed-By: R. Viewer re@view.er Implement feature - Suggested-By: R. Viewer re@view.er Implement feature - Signed-off-by: Main Tainer main@tainer.bdlf


amt uses git-interpret-trailers for interpreting trailers. It expects it to be in $PATH.

Dependencies are therefor rust and cargo for building and git for runtime.




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