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Agera SDK

NOTE    Unavailable

Develop rich internet applications robustly through Agera SDK, built in the Rust programming language.


Agera applications use mainly a Node graph, featuring:

  • Graphical experience
    • Display objects
    • Controls
    • Themes
    • Example theme constants for use when prototyping applications
  • Sound APIs
  • Media APIs
  • Touch APIs
  • Input APIs
  • Networking APIs
    • HTTP
    • WebSocket
  • Application
    • Window
      • Border and size configuration
      • Instantiating a window, which is faillible. It must always fail in web browsers.
  • File APIs
  • Timer APIs

Other features may be unlisted.

Additional notes:

  • Rust: Developers must use the nightly Rust compiler to leverage language features, such as use of declarative macros and try blocks.

When getting started with the CLI, creating a fresh project will look like follows:

agera new com.q.a

A fresh application will not require manually adding common minor dependencies such as, say, regular expressions, collection literals and serialization, as Agera re-exports them as APIs.


MIT or Apache 2.0

No runtime deps