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Where your commits go after github

Afterparty is a library for building Github webhook integrations in Rust.


Find them here


Add the following to your Cargo.toml file

afterparty = "0.1"


Afterparty has two key abstractions, a Hook: a handler interface webhook deliveries, and a Hub: a registry for hooks. A Hub provides Delivery instances to interested hooks.

A Delivery encodes all relevant webhook request information including a unique identifier for the delivery, the event name, and statically typed payload represented as an enumerated type of Event.

Hooks subscribe to Events via Hub's a handle and handle_authenticated functions. To subscribe to multiple events, subscribe with "*" and pattern match on the provided delivery's payload value.

To register your webhook with Github visit your repo's hooks configuration form https://github.com/{login}/{repo}/settings/hooks/new and select the events you want Github to notify your server about.

Hubs implements Hyper's Server Handler trait so that it may be mounted into any hyper Server.

extern crate afterparty;
extern crate hyper;

use hyper::Server;
use afterparty::{Delivery, Event, Hub};

fn main() {
    let mut hub = Hub::new();
    hub.handle("*", |delivery: &Delivery| {
        println!("rec delivery {:#?}", delivery)
    hub.handle_authenticated("pull_request", "secret", |delivery: &Delivery| {
       println!("rec authenticated delivery");
       match delivery.payload {
           Event::PullRequest { ref action, ref sender, .. } => {
               println!("sender {} action {}", sender.login, action)
           _ => ()
    let svc = Server::http("")
    println!("hub is up");

note on UFCS

In the case that you have hyper::server::Handler and hubcaps::Hub in scope you may need to use UFCS to invoke the handle method on a HUB instance.

For example...

extern crate afterparty;
extern crate hyper;

use hyper::server::Handle;
use afterparty::{Delivery, Hub};

fn main() {
    let mut hub = Hub::new();
    hubcaps::Hub::handle(&mut hub, "*", |delivery: &Delivery| { });


As far as rust project builds go this one is somewhat interesting. This library uses serde for json encoding/decoding and is focused on stable rust releases so a tactic for code generatation at build time is employed. Before that happens an attempt is made to synthesize structs based on Github api documentation json vendored in the data directory. A known issue exists where the repo deployments_url field is omitted with a fresh set of json. serde will error at deserializing because of this. This field was hand added within the json vendored dataset for the time being. Serde 0.7 will likely be released soon and will enable this library to avoid these kinds of runtime deserialization errors for missing fields.

Doug Tangren (softprops) 2015-2016


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