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Provide Plug&Play components for Actix and Actix-web to build modular, 12-factor compliant apps

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 Aug 6, 2018

MIT license

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Actix Tools

This repository aggregates several tools used to include batteries to actix and actix-web applications.


By default no actors are included, but only basic tooling (sentry, logging and 12-factor configuration). You may include or disable them with the cargo features flag on your Cargo.toml file.

  1. Configuration using Settings.toml and environmental variable overrides (config)
  2. Sentry issue tracking for panic!s (sentry)
  3. Json logs (json_logs)
  4. Influxdb actor for metrics collection (influx_actors)
  5. MQTT Pub/Sub Workers (mqtt_actors)
  6. Redis Workers with connection pools (redis_actors)
  7. Diesel Workers for postgres with connection pools (diesel_actors)


cargo test --all-features


Coming soon!


~249K SLoC