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app actix-httpbin

httpbin.org clone with actix-web

1 unstable release

Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 May 27, 2018

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Apache-2.0 OR MIT

1.5K SLoC


httpbin.org clone with an actix-web under the hood.


  1. Rust is cool
  2. All images, templates and other files are bundled into one binary, so you can just run it; there is no need in python anymore.
  3. Amazingly fast, low CPU and memory footprint


Till 1.0.0 version it will follow the httpbin(1) API, so any requests for changes that are not present at the https://httpbin.org will be closed or postponed.

After the 1.0.0 I might consider to go separately, but let's just reach the first milestone, are'nt we?

Any way, if you need to get list of all available endpoints, run and open it in your browser.


There are few known (and maybe some unknown) differences from the httpbin(1) right now.

  1. "headers" object keys in the /get, /post and other similar endpoints are lower-cased, it comes from the http crate in that way and I'm not sure if I should force some Camel-Dashed-Case on them
  2. Many methods may respond not only to GET method, it is not intended. If you think that this behaviour is wrong, do not hesitate to create an issue.
  3. Not all methods are implemented for now, you can find them by searching for TODO comment in the src/application.rs file

How to run?

Via Docker

$ docker run -p 80:80 svartalf/actix-httpbin

Install with cargo

$ cargo install actix-httpbin

From sources

$ git clone https://github.com/svartalf/actix-httpbin.git
$ cargo run --release


~541K SLoC