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Address Book for Aerc


This project has a mailing list and a tracker, which is for confirmed bugs and feature requests.


The changelog may be found here.


Packaging status


aba is packaged on the unstable channel.

nix-env -iA nixos.aba # or nixpkgs.aba if on a non NixOS system


aba is published on crates.io.

cargo install aba

Pre-built Binary

Beginning on 0.4.0, aba provides a pre-built binary for x86_64-linux and a checksum for it. They can be download here.

Manual Install from Manual Build

Follow the build instructions, then run:

sudo just install

To not install at the default location, /usr/local, just set the PREFIX variable:

just PREFIX="${HOME}/.local" install # now there's no need for root




nix build .

Manual Build

Install the following dependencies:

  1. just;
  2. scdoc; and
  3. Rust.

Then run:



Binary-based Distros

Pre-built binaries are available at every new tag.

Source-based Distros

To build aba from source be sure to have the following dependencies available:

  1. just
  2. Rust


To compile the manpages, scdoc is needed. A just recipe is available for both compiling (doc) and Installing and compiling (install-doc).

aerc integration

Address Completion

Add the following to your aerc.conf:

address-book-cmd=aba ls "%s"

Parsing Addresses from an Email

Add the following to your binds.conf:

aa = :pipe -m aba parse --all<Enter>

The option --all may be changed depending on what one wants, that is, to --from, --cc or --to.

Related Projects

  • aercbook, by renerocksai: a more minimalistic address book for aerc written in Zig whose functionality aba is blatantly based upon.

  • aerc, by sircmpwn, maintained by rjarry: aba is an address book for it, isn't? ;)


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